Car without driver rolled down hill into a crowd of holidaymakers

In Bashkiria, a driverless "Skoda Fabia" rammed tents with people on the shores of Lake Asklykul.

The police department of the republic reported that an unusual accident occurred on the morning of July 11. A group of tourists were vacationing on Lake Aslykul in the Davlekan district when "Skoda Fabia" flew into their tents at a decent speed. As it turned out, the 59-year-old driver of the car stopped on the slope for unknown reasons and got out of the car. The car at that moment rolled down the mountain, where there were tourists in tents.

- A man and his son managed to get out of one tent in a second. The examination showed that the driver of the "Skoda" was sober, - reported the police department of the republic.

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