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The fortification of this castle dates back to around 890 A. C. to provide protection to the nearby abbey from possible Saracen raids.

Some currents of thought also describe this fortress as the residence of groups of Cathars who came from northern Italy, following the persecutions suffered by the Catholic Church.This belief feeds the aura of mysticism in which the place is enveloped.
Proceeding along the walkways you will come across numerous ruined houses, most of which have no roofs, but where you can still admire the chimneys, the drinking troughs and the old stables. In the center of the village, with a fantastic viewpoint, we find the church in which fragments of frescoes of the time, by Spain, are still visible, including two still identifiable, San Sebastian and Crucifixion with the Eternal.

Leave the ossuary open on the floor speechless, which reveals the human remains of those who were the inhabitants of the area, buried, as was the custom at the time, in the underground crypt of the church itself.
The whole town is then dominated by the remains, still well preserved, of the guard tower of the fortress, from whose window, climbing up, the entire valley is visible which could be controlled from here and defense.
Where the story ends, the legend begins.


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Location: Italy