Snakes alive! Cobra crawls out of unconscious man's trousers after he is rescued from well

A strange rescue occurred in north India when a cobra slithered out from a unconscious man's trousers following his retrieval from a well in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The rescue operation took place at Bhairav Dera village of Jhansi district on February 23.

A young man named Mukesh Kushwaha fell into the well, knocking himself unconscious, and had to be rescued by nearby villagers.

The video shows the unconscious man lying on the ground when a cobra emerges out of his trouser leg.

Soon several other snakes were seen gliding around his unconscious body.

After multiple attempts, the villagers managed to separate the snakes from Mukesh.

Despite the several serpents surrounding him Mukesh was not bitten, however he had sustained severe head injuries from the fall and was conveyed to a nearby hospital.
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Location: India