Rip Torn Died Yesterday

RIP Rip.
Emmy-winning actor Rip Torn, who starred in the Men In Black series and The Larry Sanders Show has died. He was 88. The actor had a seven-decade career in film, television and theater, with nearly 200 credits to his name.
He was notorious for his wild behavior, including brawling with his co-star on the set of the 1970's movie Maidstone while high on LSD, as well as attempting to break into a bank while drunk at the age of 79.
While filming Maidstone, a semi-improvised film about politically ambitious brothers, Torn hit the filmmaker and writer Normal Mailer over the head with a hammer.
That same reputation for volatility resurfaced when he was arrested in 2010 for breaking into a Connecticut bank carrying a loaded pistol.
A highly intoxicated Torn claimed he thought thought the bank was his home, and that he had fallen asleep inside the building.
The actor was born Elmore Rual Torn Jr. in Temple Texas on February 6, 1931.


By: Sasha The Bear (887.00)

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