Heroic Chinese man holds up boy hanging from seventh-floor window until help arrives

A heroic man saved a six-year-old boy hanging from the seventh-floor window of a residential building after his head got stuck in security nets.

The video, filmed in Yantai City in eastern China's Shandong Province on May 12, shows a man named Zang Dongdong climbing out of the sixth-floor window to try to hold up a boy hanging out of the seventh-floor window.

In another clip, Zang uses a chair to reach the boy's feet and pushes him up, while the boy's father holds his arms to lift him back up inside the house.

According to reports, the boy stopped breathing at point and Zang managed to resuscitate him after supporting his weight from beneath.

After the boy's father came back home, he helped Zang rescue his son together successfully.

Fortunately, the boy only suffered minor scratches.
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Por: NewsFlare (93027.00)

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