Texas snake catchers remove over 80 rattlesnakes from mobile home

A snake removal company in Texas filmed as they removed over 80 rattlesnakes from a mobile home in Lueders.

The Big Country Snake Removal team were called after a homeowner found a number of snakes roaming underneath their home's sidings.

The snake catchers are seen carefully removing the insulation from around the ductwork revealing a total of 81 rattlesnakes.

Big Country Snake Removal wrote in an online post: "The folks who own this place wanted to replace the siding around the entire home. When they began removing the siding, they quickly ran into an issue...rattlesnakes.

"Most homeowners ask 'how many do you think are under there?' My answer is usually along the lines of 'somewhere between zero and 60'.

"I’ve been wrong more than a few times and this job was no exception. This was a single-wide, short mobile home, so I was expecting an average-sized removal for the area.

"Like the owners, I too had no idea what we were about to get into. We arrived and quickly located multiple snakes around the ductwork.

"After a short phone call to the owner, we found out the HVAC system was not in working order and could all be removed.

"Awesome...until we started removing it."

This footage was filmed in December 2020.


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Location: Texas