Severely stabbed inmate dies on prison yard

Newly discovered surveillance video shows a Turbeville Correctional Institution inmate dying on the yard after he was allegedly severely stabbed by other prisoners, and guards offered no aid says attorney.

Attorney Justin Bamberg says the inmate, Allen Capers, was allegedly stabbed multiple times in the head, neck, stomach and hand by other prisoners. On December 31, 2017 Capers was in his cell in the Tawcaw B wing on the prison. The lawsuit says Capers' mother, Debra Capers, believes keys were obtained from a prison guard and inmates unlocked Capers' cell door, then repeatedly stabbed him. Bamberg held a press conference from his law office with Capers' mother, who got emotional at saying her son was remorseful for his crimes.

The attackers were able to freely move throughout the prison wing attacking innocent people says the report. There was one correctional officer working a unit consisting of two dorms with over 200 inmates the lawsuit says.

Guards dragged Capers from his cell and placed him outside in the recreational yard while other inmates fought inside the prison says Bamberg. The lawsuit says the decedent was "forced to bleed and suffer alone outside on the ground for hours while he waited in vain for someone to help him." Bamberg told reporters, "...just because you are sentenced to SCDC that does not mean you are given a death sentence. That’s what happened to Allen Capers."



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