Council Estate Fight

Yawn, usual story, Sunday afternoon, all the residents on social housing and welfare get together to watch a fight. It usually starts off a week prior with the two mums fighting at the local supermarket, they call each other slags and other colorful language, then the drunken husbands have a verbal match outside their houses. By now both families have been gossiping all over the estate so everyone is egging them on to fight it out.

So to save face and prove how tough they are, they send their son's out to battle it out on the street on a Sunday afternoon to be cheered and jeered on by the other low life residents.

Such a common scene all over the millions of council estates all over UK that the police don't even bother to turn up anymore. The fight fizzled out a few seconds after the video stopped. No clear winner but the hate will continue for years now.



By: EastLondon (553.50)

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Location: uk