Body cam video shows Louisville police officer tasing woman sitting on her hands

When Stephon Beckam found out his wife was going to the hospital for an irregular heart beat after being tased by Louisville Metro Police Officer Gregory Satterly, he asked the officer a question – followed by a threat.

“ think are going to get away with that don’t ?” Beckam asked Satterly from the back of a police cruiser as he was being taken to jail on a charge of trespassing on Oct. 23, 2016. “I’m going to get for assaulting my wife – and me.”

The footage reveals for the first time the incident that resulted in Metro government paying the Beckams $50,000 to avoid a lawsuit alleging they were assaulted and wrongfully arrested and that police tried to cover up Satterly’s actions.

ow, the Beckams and their attorney want to know why an internal investigation of the incident took more than two years to complete and Satterly stayed on the street, where he used excessive force against two more citizens before he was fired in April.

“He continued to have a job and carry out two more incidents, that we are aware of,” said attorney Johnson, who represents the Beckams. “It’s not clear how an officer could have a job after what happened in this body camera footage alone.”

LMPD hasn’t responded to questions asking why Satterly remained on active duty during the excessive use-of-force investigation and why the investigations took so long.

Nor has the department provided body camera footage of Satterly’s excessive force incidents, which WDRB requested in September. A spokeswoman said at the time those recordings could take months to produce.

Charges against Beckam and his wife, Nyshan Beckam, including trespassing and resisting arrest, were dismissed in September 2017.

By that time, Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad had begun an internal investigation into Satterly. It remained open from January 2017 until April of this year.

On April 23, Satterly was fired, in part, for tasing Nyshan Beckam while, according to Conrad, she was complying with the officer’s commands.

Body camera video obtained by WDRB shows Nyshan Beckam on the ground several feet away from Satterly, sitting on her hands when she was tased.

“I believe acted out of anger rather than out of perceived threat of immediate danger to an officer or another person,” Conrad wrote in Satterly’s termination letter in April.

But while the investigation was pending, Satterly apparently remained on active duty and was found by police to have used excessive force on two more occasions.

The same month Conrad opened an investigation into the arrests of the Beckams, Satterly threw a handcuffed man to the ground, where he was berated, cursed and told him to "Listen to me boy!” according to the officer’s April termination letter.

An investigation into that incident began on June 28, 2017, according to police records.


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