Bus kidnapper is shot and killed by police

The wife of one of the victims who is inside the bus that was hijacked and is standing at the Rio-Niterói Bridge , on the morning of Tuesday, said she was warned by her husband that the bus he is on was taken by A kidnapper.

"He left for work at 4:30. When it was around 5:26 he texted me saying that the bus was being hijacked, 'We're going to the bridge.' At first I thought it was a robbery. I got up, woke up my son and said, 'Your father is being robbed,' ” Eliziane Terra told the G1 .

At around 6am, a gunman with gasoline takes hostages inside a bus on the Rio-Niterói Bridge. The man was killed by a police sniper after getting off the bus three and a half hours after the kidnapping began.

No hostages were injured. Police said there were 37 people in the vehicle, but six had already been released when the perp was shot. The motivation of the crime was not informed.

The husband of one of the hostages, who was still on the bus at about 8:50 am, said the hijacker did not threaten to hurt the passengers.

"So far, he has not threatened to hurt anyone, has not threatened to hurt anyone. The apprehension of her parents, who are at home, is much greater than mine, even because she is a father and mother," said one hostage's husband.


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Location: Rio-Niterói Bridge, Brazil