Body cam video shows black man arrested while exercising

A video of a black man being detained by Alameda Police officers while exercising is gaining the attention of city officials and the public in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.

Four Alameda police officers restrained the man on May 23, whose identity is not publicly known, before wrestling him to the ground on the 2000 block of Central Avenue in Alameda. The man was not arrested, but was later given a citation by police.

Alameda Police released body-camera video of the incident on Friday, along with the call for service. The call to the police dispatcher reported an African American man walking and dancing in the middle of the street.

The man who was detained told officers that he practices martial arts choreography every day in the area. “I this every morning. Let’s me go! I have the right to exercise on my street,” he said after being detained by police.

For context, the incident in Alameda occurred two days before a Minneapolis police officer jammed his to the neck of Floyd for nearly nine minutes, leading to Floyd’s death and nationwide anger and protests.

Over the next week, a video of the incident in Alameda created by a member of the public went on various social media sites.



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