Doctor removes 15cm living leech that was sucking blood from inside the walls of a woman's nose

This is the moment as doctor from Vietnam painstakingly extracts a 15cm-long leech from a patient's nose.

Revolting footage from July 25 from an endoscope shows the grim discovery - and retrieval - of the blood-sucking creature.

The woman went to the hospital in north-central Nghe An Province hospital said that her nose was sore and bleeding.

The doctor checked and spotted the leech living in the woman's nose, he said.

The live leech was clinging to the walls of the nose to suck blood from the inside.

One reason for how it got there was that the leech could have entered the body after the patient - who lives in a mountainous area - bathed in local streams.

Permission from the patient to share the video for educational purposes has been granted.


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Location: Vietnam