Car bursts into flames while being re-filled at petrol station

This is the shocking moment a car caught fire with the driver inside after it exploded while re-fuelling.

CCTV footage shows the driver frantically trying to save his car that ignited after the explosion at the filling station in Palu City, central Sulawesi, Indonesia on September 11.

The staff holding the petrol gun backed off before rushing to grab a fire extinguisher to douse the car.

They ran after the vehicle wile it rolled towards the road because the driver left the handbrake off when he jumped out to avoid the flames.

Palu police public relations officer Kadek Aruna said: "The incident was not immediately reported to the police, but firefighters were deployed to the scene."

The firefighters checked the petrol station and certified it fit for operation on the same day.

However, the cause of the fire is still unknown because the driver had left to get his car repaired after the fire was out.

Officer Kadek Aruna said that they are now getting in touch with the driver for more information on the incident.


By: NewsFlare (90360.00)

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Location: Indonesia