Terrifying moment thief steals purse from woman passenger on moving Indian train

This was the heart-stopping moment a teen thief got into a slow-moving train, snatched the purse of an elderly woman standing it the doorway and leapt back into the darkness outside.

The thief almost dragged the victim outside the moving train as she tried to resist. The shocked victim managed to find her balance with the help of two other passengers.

An onboard CCTV camera filmed an elderly couple standing near the door as the train slowed down on January 2, 2020.

The thief ran along the slow-moving train and escaped after snatching the purse.

In a press release, Central Indian Railways officials said the Indrayani express did not have a CCTV camera inside the coach. The interior of the C2 coach of Indrayani express was also different from the video.

“Railway authorities have not received any complaint on the incident, but we are probing it seriously,” said an official.



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