What Freedom? What was fought for?

It is a major dishonor to all American Veterans that all American have pissed away all that was ever fought for in a matter of weeks.

For all intents and purposes the US Constitution has been suspended. Any time the shadow global government wants its way, it will just have an excuse for a lockdown. If you are self-sufficient, self-employed, and/or connected the dots and are telling others, you are the target for the takedown.

“You don’t own anything and you have no rights,” is something a Stafford Springs, Connecticut Cop told me in 1995 after I bought a house and moved there with my Lithuanian model wife. A cop living with his mother told me he was more important than me, that he was like “James Bond”, and that I was to abandon my house, and wife, as I was kicked out of Connecticut. I was told I wasn’t allowed to have a driver’s license, pistol permit, contractor’s license, and I wasn’t allowed to vote by all cops in town as Officer Fat Frank P who was living in his Mother’s basement called dibs on my wife.

I didn’t leave, so the cop got 3 witnesses to make up a story. That cop arrested me and when I was in handcuffs, he told me he was going to go back and comfort my wife. I was railroaded to prison, got divorced and my only daughter won’t see or talk to me and I may never know, or see, my grandchildren if she has any.

100% surveillance will work out for you as well. The police were out to make me lose my home, business, ruin my credit, break up my marriage, estrange me permanently from my only daughter, and then harass me in courts, and police harass me wherever I go when they find out from my father and his wife where I live.

If authorities can view you like a fish in a bowl. They are taking inventory of what you have, for them to take, and you can be taken out of the bowl whenever they have a whim. The shutdown is submission training.

Contract tracing will mean that you need permission to drive anywhere, in preparation for self-driving cars. You have to log a “diver plan” like a pilot now does for aircraft. You can be denied by some unseen authority. You will have an internet Chinese type social score. A post like this one will probably get you sent to camp, or worse. You will be denied access to people, situations, and all medical and other decisions will be made for you.

Total surveillance is 0% freedom. Freedom isn’t free. You stayed in your homes like inmates, so you are now inmates of the New World Order as dictated by the UN and UNESCO.



By: SvenVonErick (1754.62)

Tags: US, UN, Freedom, Tyranny, protest, Police Misconduct, Judicial Abuse, Martial Law, NDAA, 9/11, false flag, China, Communism

Location: Stafford Springs, Connecticut