Man bursts into tea shop and sets customers alight

A California man armed with an ax and 'rambling about his daughter' sprayed WD-40 on tea shop customers and set them alight before vigilantes wrestled him to the ground.
Brandon McGlone, 46, of Berkeley, walked into the Feng Cha Teahouse Monday night and tried to set several people on fire, police said.
This came moments after he allegedly attacked diners outside a nearby pizzeria, knocking their food off the table, spraying them with WD-40 and telling them he was going to light them on fire.
Video captured the surprise attack at the tea shop as well as the ensuing struggle outside as customers tried to detain the suspect until cops arrived, before backing off when he pulled out an ax.
After getting submitted, a search of McGlone uncovered knives including a machete, matches, lighters and several ‘Molotov cocktails'.
Police later learned McGlone had allegedly set a trashcan on fire outside Kathmandu Market & Deli around 20 minutes before his first attack on the diners.
McGlone was charged Wednesday with 10 felonies including four counts of assault with caustic chemicals, two counts of criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon, arson, possession of a destructive device and other allegations.
He was denied bail and is being held in Santa Rita Jail


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