Funeral of Fallen Hero In Donetsk

In the capital of the Donetsk People's Republic 200 thousand turned out to honor the memory of their assassinated leader Alexander Zakharchenko.

A column of people following the coffin in the morning stretched from the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theater to the building of the Administration of the Republick on Artem Street, where the late leader of the Donbass worked. Residents of the Republic throughout the procession applauded and chanted "Thank you."

The servicemen removed the coffin from the carriage and went to the cemetery "Donetsk Sea" in the Leninsky district of Donetsk, where the funeral will be held. He will be buried next to other fallen heroes Motorola and Givi.

Zakharchenko was assassinated in a cowardly manner by the Amerikan supported neonazi forces of Kiev. Unable to make any progress in actual battles against the people of Donetsk the neonazi regime has turned to terrorism. Trained by the same Western troops that train the Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria.


By: dggr (2262.50)

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