Video shows strangers saving 2-year-old who nearly drowned in hotel pool

Livonia police have just turned over a near drowning investigation to the Wayne County Prosecutor's office. It's about a frightening incident involving a 2-year-old boy at the Holiday Inn Express pool on Friday, Jan. 24.

The video shows the little boy struggling to stay afloat in a pool that has more than a dozen other people in and around it.

Then you see a 9-year-old child goes over to her godmother and comes back and shows her the child at the bottom of the pool.

The girl's godmother jumps in the pool and pulls the toddler out. People start calling 911 for help.

So where was the boy's mother? Police say she was there at the pool.


By: Juggernaut (20349.60)

Tags: wtf, toddler nearly drowns in pool

Location: Michigan