Gunman opens fire at Thai shopping mall killing at least 12 people

A gunman has killed at least 12 people after opening fire at a shopping mall in Thailand tonight.

The killer opened fire at the Terminal 21 building in the city of Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima province, shortly before 6 pm.

Horrifying footage from onlookers shows the masks shooter - who is still active - picking people off with a rifle.

At least two police officers have been killed.

Many more are believed to be injured after the shooting spree, during the busiest time of the week.

Pictures show the bloodbath with bodies littered across the roads near the shopping centre and slumped in their cars.

A gas tank next to the building also exploded in a ball of flames after the gunamn shot it. Police have raced to the scene.



By: NewsFlare (74052.00)

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Location: Thailand