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- Steven Baecklandt

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- RaksenVorkineUnblocked
- BobWhiteAtNight

- Dear Vorkine, I must say that friends don't exist. More, should be your girlfriend to ask herself, what kind a man are you. Why? Because you are in trouble with only 3 boys. Are you kidding? Do you think really that 3 are enough for a woman? C'mon! And, please, jump out from stereotyipes...what have I to heard!!!! Florence? Wine? Romantic meeting? OMG. Do you live in a movie? Or, is a movie who lives into you???
The Speak'y suggestion is: take a course with soeaky about women...MAMMA MIA!

Dear Bob, first thing: a penis never enters into a vagina, it enters inside a woman. It's different. More, I can assure you that, who asks for first if the partner has cheated, is the one that has for sure did it. Anyway, when you say that you had to fuck the other woman, you don't assume any kind of position, in all ways....
The Speaky's suggestion is: come to Italy, to find a third woman. The triangle is your future, in all ways. Bless you and...MAMMA MIA!
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