I have seen this before from trump, it was trump getting obstruction charges from mueller, rinse repeat lie defence

Trump scared of going to bed decides I’m following my one person impeachment twitter war room strategy that worked so swimmingly during the mueller obstruction investigation. Rinse repeat the same lie over and over to taint the investigation. Cause with all this first hand knowledge of my ukraine shakedown and my subsequent lies and obstruction , I’m fucked.
It’s Hail Mary after receiving a huge jeers and lock me up from the crowds, note to self, never go out in public.

Donald J. Trump

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The only crimes in the Impeachment Hoax were committed by Shifty Adam Schiff, when he totally made up my phone conversation with the Ukrainian President and read it to Congress, together with numerous others on Shifty’s side. Schiff should be Impeached, and worse!
8:58 PM - 28 Oct 2019
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It’s boring I know. The same lie denial over and over. Doesn’t matter just deny. Next we tweet shifty Schiff, nervous nancy, never trumper scum, Democrats are commies, then back to denial. Through in California and Baltimore a shitehole. Oh congrats on the vote nancy, wrapping it up? Take that republicans.


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