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is one of the first ten Italian wines to have obtained the denomination of controlled origin (DOC) in 1967. It is produced in Piacentino and is the most important and well-known among the wines of the province of Piacenza, northern Italy, Emilia-Romagna region.

Gutturnio: composition and production area
Gutturnio is a blend or blend of Barbera (from 55% to 70%) and Croatina (from 30% to 45%) grapes, locally called Bonarda.

Gutturnio Superiore and Gutturnio Classico Superiore can be released for consumption only in Bordeaux-type glass bottles and only after 1 April of the year following that of the harvest.

The origin of the name Gutturnio is linked to the ancient Romans, derived from the Latin Gutturnium term which identifies a silver wine cup decorated with finely chiseled rhomboidal figures, found during the excavations of Veleia Romana towards the end of the nineteenth century.


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