US dad with superhuman reflexes saves son from horrific face plant

A father with superhuman reflexes rushes to save his son from crushing his face on the floor after falling off the sofa.

The curious little tot slowly reaches for a book which has fallen to the floor after reading-time with his dad.

The father is on the other side of the room and doesn't see his son crawling to the edge of the sofa. Just as the boy is about fall head first onto the hard floor the father glances over to witness the impending disaster.

With split second reflexes this super-dad bolts across the room in a flash and cushions the toddlers head from the floor. The little child is saved and completely unaware of what could have been a far worse outcome.

Planting a little kiss on the head of his boy this humble father then goes back to his business on the other side of the room, leaving the boy sat safely on the floor.

Footage is shot from a still camera in the room pointed at the sofa which captures a front-on angle of the boy being saved by his father.

The clip also shows another angle from the side of the sofa in which you can see the father running towards the camera to save his son.

The film then shows the same side-angle in a tighter frame and in slow-motion which amplifies how close this incident comes to tragedy.


By: NewsFlare (110631.00)

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