Sterling Heights Police Officer Saves Choking Baby

Sterling Heights police released video of an officer who saved a choking baby near the front of his police cruiser while the child’s family watched from the front lawn. Just before 11 pm Thursday, the officer was called to a home on the 36000 block of Waltham Drive after a 3-week-old girl choked and lost consciousness while drinking milk from her bottle, authorities said. Officer Cameron Maciejewski was the first to arrive and jumped into action. The officer was met by the family outside the home and took the baby, who was not breathing, into his arms. Officer Maciejewski is seen on video calmly taking the baby in his arms and performing back thrusts in attempts to clear the baby’s air way. When doing so, the baby coughs up the obstruction, and begins to cry. The baby was then turned over to the Sterling Heights Fire Department who transported the baby to the hospital for evaluation.



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