CIVILIANS TARGETED! DNR/Russian-Terrorist video of themselves shelling Civilians and homes

For some reason, the DNR terrorists felt they needed to 1-up the Ukrainian Security Forces, who have recently been releasing videos of the devastation they cause on terrorist dugouts and bases. As terrorists do, they released a video of themselves attacking Ukrainian positions. Instead, the video shows have DNR directly targets civilian areas with artillery fire.. This attack was also during the day when civilians were out doing their daily chores.

Not only do these terrorists have the balls to fire FROM civilian areas, they also use aerial correction to directly target civilian areas. This time they posted a video of themselves doing it.

They even geolocated the area they targeted

The area they targeted is in the grey zone and not currently occupied by Ukrainian forces


By: AlexUkr (3649.70)

Tags: DNR, Shelling, Civilians, Russian, Terrorist, Ukraine

Location: Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, 86060