Friendly grizzly bear nudge's man's FOOT while he's sunbathing

This is the astonishing moment a friendly grizzly bear wandered into a family's back garden and nudged a man's FOOT while he was sunbathing.

Matte Bete was relaxing by the pool of his house in Greenfield, Massachusetts when the young bear sneaked in on September 12.

The brown bear emerged from the forest near their suburban home, but it appeared to be tame and curious about what the man was doing.

In the video, it was seen walking up to the napping man and tapped his right foot using its snout.

Matte immediately sat up and was shocked to see a wild bear beside him. The bear, on the other hand, was equally shocked and ran off when he saw the man wake up.

Matt's wife, Dawn Bete, said they were both laughing while watching the cute video.

She said: "He was a little startled while resting by the pool. The baby bear must have been surprised, too.''


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