China now claims that Australia caused COVID...

China is f'ning retarded. We(Australians) still support an investigation into C19 which has made China very mad at Australia. Recently they have been putting massive tariffs on our exports(200% on wine etc).

I was watching the C19 outbreak back in December 2019, Australia's first noted case was 19th of January and guess where that person came from... Wuhan... Dun dun dah!

As Chinese authorities attempt to rewrite history by claiming the coronavirus started overseas, one state media outlet has suggested it may have arrived via imported frozen food from countries including Australia.

An article in the Global Times over the weekend argued that Western countries had attempted to “shift the narrative from their own shortcomings” by accusing Wuhan of being “where the coronavirus began”.

“As the mounting sporadic outbreaks in China were found to be related to imported cold-chain products, with other parts of the world, including Europe and the American continent, reportedly discovering signs of the coronavirus earlier than Wuhan, it begs a new hypothesis – did the early outbreak in Wuhan originate from imported frozen food?” the publication wrote.

The first cases of COVID-19 were linked to a controversial “wet market”, with Chinese experts saying in January that the virus had likely jumped from wild animals to humans.

In April, Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an independent inquiry into the origins of the virus, sparking a furious reaction from China, which has since imposed a series of punishing tariffs on Australian trade goods as relations deteriorate.

Facing increasing international anger over its handling of the initial outbreak, China has begun pushing theories that the virus started overseas and arrived on frozen food packaging.

Chinese officials have previously claimed to have detected coronavirus on frozen products including chicken wings from Brazil, squid from Russia, shrimp from Ecuador, pork from Germany and salmon from Norway.

The World Health Organisation has previously said there is no evidence of the virus being transmitted this way, but the Chinese government have now doubled down on the theory.

“More and more evidence suggests that the frozen seafood or meat products probably spread the virus from countries with the epidemic into our country,” Chinese epidemiologist Wu Zunyou said in a recent interview posted on government website, The New York Times reported.

The Global Times article admits that there is as yet no evidence, but that the theory “cannot be ruled out”. Its reporters spoke to a number of former merchants from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, with one claiming “actually the frozen products in China are clean, but I don’t know about those from abroad”.

The paper said the Wuhan market used to sell “imported cold-chain seafood, such as king crab and arctic shellfish, as well as meat products from Brazil and Germany”.

“The city also imported Australian steak, Chilean cherries and Ecuadorean seafood before 2019, according to the information from the website of the city’s commerce bureau,” the Global Times wrote.

“Statements published by the Hubei Provincial Commerce Department show in 2018 and 2019, foreign trade enterprises have imported meat from Canada, Brazil and Spain.”

The article said customs data showed there had been a 174 per cent increase in frozen product imports into Hubei province in 2019 compared with the previous year.

“The idea never crossed our minds before, but now it seems plausible that the virus may have been imported to Wuhan via imported cold-chain products,” Wuhan University disease researcher Yang Zhanqiu told the Global Times.

Government data on first Australian Covid case;

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