NYC Doormen

NYC Doormen Who Failed To Intervene When Man Beat The Sh-t Out Of 65-Year-Old Lady Have Been Sacked A couple weeks back, a 65-year-old American woman was attacked in the street. As you can see, the two doormen who clearly witnessed the assault decide to shut the building door, you know, just in case this bloodied 65-year-old woman wants to crawl to safety or something. I mean it’s bad enough they didn’t intervene to stop the assault in the first place, but shutting the woman outside too? What the hell is that about?

Vilma Kari suffered serious injuries including a fractured pelvis in the attack and needed hospital treatment. Given it would have been a 2-on-1 situation, I’m not sure why these two doormen – presumably trained to deal with situations exactly like this one – pooped their pants and allowed this to happen just a few metres in front of them.


By: HaggiThesweatySock (2811.50)

Tags: WTF, security guard, sacked

Location: NYC, America

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