Toddler Gets Remote Control Car Stuck In Hair

Amusing footage shows a toddler accidentally with his curly hair tangled up in the wheels of his remote controlled toy car.

The boy named Zafran, 4, from Sepang, Malaysia wanted to listen to the sound of the toy car's engine so he put it close to his ears.

But when he turned it on to make a sound, the rotating wheels caught up in his long curly locks.

His father, Mohd Akmal Mahadi, said: "I told him not to bring it close to the head but instead he was annoyed. So the toy is stuck in his hair."

Zafran cried regretfully and approached the stairs to ask his mother for help while the toy car is still stuck on his hair.

Mohd added: "I had to unscrew the tire of the toy car to remove it from its head. I didn't cut his hair."


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