Policeman slams a woman's head into her car while arresting her for swearing near a school

Footage has emerged showing the shocking moment a police officer slammed a woman's head into her car after she swore at him during a traffic stop.

The video, released as part of an investigation by a law enforcement watchdog, was captured by a NSW Police officer's dashboard camera on November 2, 2016.

Two police officers are seen speaking to the driver after she was pulled over for allegedly driving an unregistered vehicle.

After she is asked to remove the licence plates from her car, she is heard swearing at officers multiple times.

One officer then orders her to stop using foul language in front of a school and threatens to arrest her if she continues.

'If you swear again you're going to be arrested. You're in a view of a school,' he says.

'Well is there kids around?' she replies.

'Doesn't matter you're in view of a school,' he says.

Despite warnings, she continues to swear while talking to the officers.

The officers finally remove her plates and warn she could be pulled over again if she continues to drive the car.

The woman agrees and is seen closing the boot of her car as she walks over to get into the driver's seat.

Just as she is about to enter the car, an officer suddenly walks over and pins her to her vehicle.

'I told you if you swear again, you're going to be placed under arrest,' he is heard saying while restraining her.

When the woman asks why she is being arrested, he replies, 'for swearing'.



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