Bar Fight leads to death of two people

"Siberians witnessed a drunken brawl in Chulym, Russia . The video shows how drunken men staged a brawl.

It all happened in the cafe-bar "Atmosphere". There was a conflict between the men, which escalated into a fight. One of the campers tried to separate the brawlers, however, he was severely beaten, and died from his injuries. the hooligans fled from the bar.

KP source Novosibirsk reported that the beaten Siberian man that was also on the ground is alive
- I know all rowdy. All are alive and the guys are now testifying, - told the correspondent of KP-Novosibirsk.

When the mother of the victim learned about the death of her son, she suffered a heart attack and died"

Happened in Chulym, Russia, on July 21, 2019


By: plakka (2409.10)

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