INSANE road rage incident between BMW and pickup after exchange of words and fender bender

The moment of -hot road rage is seen as a BMW, driver door ajar, recklessly slams into a pickup truck into a flume of
smoke after the drivers exchanged heated words amid a simple fender bender in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California on Monday (March 2).

Jeremy Gonsalves witnessed the entire incident as he was headed to the bank and details what he saw in an exclusive interview with .

"It was absolutely crazy. So the two guys, the BMW was basically blocking the truck in, that's when I pulled up. The truck guy then drives up on the curb to get around the BMW, which is when [the BMW] got hit. The guys are exchanging all sorts of words, but I'm still too nervous to start filming. I don't want this guy to come at me! " said Gonsalves, who lives on Laurel Canyon Boulevard, where the incident occurred.

"The BMW guy flies in his car, doesn't even bother with the door, and slams into the truck, all this smoke. The BMW chases the truck guy down, smashing into him. It was...insane," said Gonsalves.



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