Tragic incident at construction site in Sochi, Russia

The tragic incident occurred at a construction site on the afternoon of July 25 in The Shadow Lane. During the unloading of the rubble unloading the trailer rose to the maximum height, and then fell on the side and fell the cab of the dump truck.

The 59-year-old driver, who was driving the vehicle, died at the scene. Rescuers were needed to retrieve the man's body from the subdued cabin.

- After conducting a visual inspection of the car, rescuers decided to unload the remnants of the rubble from the body of the heavy load and with the help of a crane to lift the metal structures lying on the cab of the dump truck. After that, rescuers recovered the body of the deceased resident of Sochi and handed it over to investigators, - said in the press service of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.



By: skybluejack (2602.10)

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Location: Sochi