Sled Dogs At Work

Sled Dogs At Work. Watch full screen, volume on, and relax for a minute.
One trainer's info:
"There are three sections to the dogs, the leader, the swing, and the wheel dogs. The leaders are typically the same, some pairs work better than others, some lead alone.
The leader follows commands from the person driving the sled. They are always listening, and will turn the team whenever there is a fork. They also help set the pace. They have to be trained specifically for this, they will also keep the team straight while hooking up the rest of the team. First on, last off.

The swing dogs are your average grunts, they follow the lead dog(s) and help steer the team. This is where the more inexperienced/newly trained dogs start because it's an easier role. They pull more than the lead, but less than the wheel dogs, depending on placement.

The wheel dogs are the strongest of the dogs, they have no steering, and they focus on pulling the sled."


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