Woman has contentious exchange with Trump supporters who were harassing BLM-supporting teen girls in California

A woman in Rocklin, California had an ugly, profanity-laced exchange with president Donald Trump supporters on September 26.

The filmer said three teenage girls were walking through the parking lot at the Blue Oaks Plaza holding Black Lives Matter signs when the Trump supporters started to harass them.

"The woman in the first video began hitting the youngest of the three girls with a flag. When I ran and stepped in between them she pushed me aside at which point you can hear me say “don’t you trust me?” and her friend says 'don’t touch her.' ... The three girls stumbled upon the rally. They said they were upset and wanted to counter-protest so they went into the dollar store. I overheard them, and offered to buy their posters and markers. It was one of the girl's birthday but she thought this would be a great way to celebrate. They made their posters and walked directly into the crowd and immediately were met with angry yelling and name-calling."


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Location: California