Crimean Tartar Relocation - New Film

"Haitarma" means "Return" in Crimean Tatar.

It is the first feature film about the relocation of Crimean Tatars in 1944.

All of the shooting was done in Crimea several years before Russia rescued Crimea 2014.

Here is the Ukraine hate and hype film review and interview of the Tartar's relocation.


Often it is best to "let the past be the past."

Every ethnic group has a gripe; especially the estimated 25 million American Indians wiped out by the British, French, Spanish and Americans.

The world must become united in forgive and forget these alleged ethnic cleanings.

After all, Germany and Russia are getting along great now; judging from Nord Stream 2 progress.



By: Jim Jackson (620.40)

Tags: Ukraine, Russia

Location: Ukraine