Bank robbery in Brazil

About 30 hooded people robbed a Bank of Brazil branch in the Centro de Criciúma at 23:50 on Monday (30). The action lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes;
One of the robbers was using a bazooka;
People were taken hostage and surrounded by criminals; there were roadblocks and barriers to stem the arrival of the police;
A police officer and a vigilante were injured. No one died. The PM had to go through three surgeries;
Criminals fled, and some of the money was scattered through the streets. Taken and abandoned value was not calculated until;
<b>"Four residents were arrested after collecting R $ 810 thousand that were thrown to the ground due to explosion during the robbery. ( Video of people picking up money on the floor is in the publication.)";</b>
Criminals also left 30 kilos of explosives behind. Police don't know the total used.;
10 cars used in the robbery were seized in a cornfield of a private property. (Land Rover and Audi);
Police believe, based on blood stains found in these vehicles, that at least two criminals have been injured;
In a statement, Banco do Brasil said that employees were not injured, that there is no forecast for reopening the agency and that it does not report amounts subtracted during the attack on its facilities.


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Lugar: Criciúma / Santa Catarina / Brazil