AN Editorial Comment. (and a picture of Hunter Biden that wont get censored).

With all the talk about Hunter Biden getting put on the Boards of Directors with various foreign companies (Ukraine, China,) and after being kicked out of the Navy for positive cocaine tests, one might ask just why a foreign company would put an addict on their board of directors? Easy to control? Easy to influence? Easy to blackmail? Maybe a smidgen of all of the above. It's like a sales man taking the boss of a company to a strip club and buying him one too many bottle services or lap dances, or placing a "bump" of cocaine in front of him snorting it off the chest of an exotic dancer and making a huge, drunk deal happen.
It sure wasn't for his expertise in the businesses he chose.
With the Chinese deal his (alleged) $10 million annual salary (which had it gotten out at the time, would have raised eyebrows) was instead changed to a 50% ownership of a shill company (investment company) owned by himself and the CEO of the company he was to have originally received that $10 Mil salary from. (Hmmmm??)
It speaks to a much more scary and widespread problem that exists in American Politics, (and perhaps why Hillary Clinton was so upset losing in 2016). Maybe all the deals made with the Clinton, Obama, Hillary, Biden connection would be discovered and upended.
But, politics being what politics are, except for a few leaks here and there, nothing gets discovered.
News networks are no longer news worthy. They are shills for their various parties of choice. Either supporting or detracting from those who are in office, depending on their leanings.
What passes for news now used to have to literally be labeled "Editorial Comment" on the screen when some news director thought he'd put out some kind of opinion piece regarding that day's goings on that he felt strongly enough to comment on.
Not anymore. 24/7 "news" networks are more known for their "Rockstar-famous" talking heads, rather than their concise news coverage of WORLD events.
Back to Hunter BIden, How did we end up here?
Again, It's not because of his intelligence or experience in matters of foreign energy matters, or in Ukrainian Energy policy. Or because China wanted a Biden to help them navigate the tough laws associated with equity investments.
NO, it's because of the direct access to the Obama administration through Joe Biden himself.
If this isn't a blatant pay-for-play example then nothing is.
It's time for it to stop. How? Term limits for Congress? Yes. But Goodluck getting that passed.
An intelligent person of influence would take to heart the first rule of "Keeping up appearances", in that "ANYTHING that looks or gives the impression of impropriety should be avoided at all costs, lest someone interpret it as such". An example would be a male (person of authority with a group of people), (clergy, for example) not meeting alone with a woman in a private setting. (I said it's an example of "Looking or giving impressions of impropriety, don't blast me for that example).
Hunter Biden and Joe Biden violated the rule of "implied impropriety" whey they engaged with foreign companies (With whom our own country (AT BEST) has had not-so-good relations with),and yet they think nothing of it.
Joe Denies that he even knew the activities of his son during this time, yet, pictures clearly show him engaged with outings with various persons of those entities!
Imagine literally being the bosses son and thinking nothing of going to work on the board of directors of a competing company, one which has set out to hack, sabotage, or spy on your father's company, and then having your father not making you resign you position.

One just has to ask "What's in it for them? Why would they not be concerned with such an arrangement?"
3 Reasons- Money, Influence peddling, and perhaps the corruption/ mental instability/socio/psychopathic traits one needs to have to be in government for 50 years. (Anything is okay as long as it benefits me) Perhaps it's the true mindset of the Bidens.
Addicts share similar traits. "Rules don't apply to me and/or I cant help it, I'm a victim of my circumstances and I'm just trying to get along".
Joe Biden has had a nearly 50 year history in politics. 50 years. In that time he's probably had successful legislation, failed legislation, and probably found out very early on not to get too emotionally attached to any policy he was passionate about. Whether or not a policy is worthwhile or important in the grand scheme of things seems to get chopped up and pulverized in the great political garbage disposal inside the beltway in Washington, DC.
After a few years in this meat grinder, I can see an impressionable and yet somewhat optimistic young politician getting his ass handed to him more than a few times. Good policy matters less than getting a deal done and doing someone else a favor so you can get your next deal done. Ideals are traded for deal brokering. Soon enough, optimism and "doing the right thing for others" becomes a sour lesson in pessimism and doing someone a "solid" and getting their deal passed so you can count on them to do the same for your group.
Fast forward to 50 years later.
After a lifetime of bitter disappointments, one loses the ability to do things for the right reasons, instead just trying to get what they can for themselves and knowing that the "deal brokers" you've allied yourself with want a cut of the action too. Fine.
So, you have a family. When your son fails out of the Navy for testing positive for Cocaine and admits to a long-standing drug problem, perhaps the solution is similar to what an influential Texas oil man does when his son drives drunk and kills someone with his pick up. They call the judge and try to get a sweetheart deal. A few dollars later ,the deal is done. They called that one Affluenza.

Hunter Biden has gotten in bed with the enemy. Joe knew. China and the Ukraine have no business Hunter Biden other than to gain access to the President. It's referred to as Back-door politics. Similar to a 15 minute meeting on a Phoenix Airport Tarmac between a former president Clinton and Loretta Lynch where some say they discussed the "Rigged" nature of politics and scratching one anther's backs.
Remember that one? Who is to say what happened. But let this be yet another example of the "Swamp politics" that most who didnt vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 were very tired of.
Yet again, here we are in 2020 faced with another "Swamp Creature" rearing it's ugly head. Influence peddlers, deal-brokers, and career politicians taking subversive paths to do whatever suits them financially, politically or otherwise, and the rest of us are here watching the great distractions and choosing sides.
Terabytes of information and debates have been created. Countless man-hours have been lost in the online arguements people engage in instead of living their lives like we used to before politicians spun stories to keep us busy like a dog chewing on a bone while they did something just out of eyesight or earshot so none of us would know.
The great distraction is real. But thankfully, so are those who still believe in America. A computer repairman who saw an opportunity to break news much like Julian Assange did when he broke Wikileaks. Now the media suddenly has a conscience? Now "hacked Materials" are no longer Tweet worthy?
This is bigger story than anything since Watergate, when Nixon appealed to a small group of rogue insiders to find out what they could from the Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate Hotel in Washington, and later tried to cover it up. Why suddenly is this a censored event?

Now on to Trump. The man is a flawed man. He has issues with talking out of his ass sometimes. I admit that. but in 2016, our choice was Hillary Clinton who was fighting off her own hacked/scrubbed email-as-proof of her corruption scandal. Or Donald Trump. A man who everyone seemed to like before he was a political figure. Until that one day when he made a comment about Back in the day you'd Just "Grab them by their pussy". Crass? Yes. Crude- You bet. But his failings were done as a private citizen. IF sexual assault happened one would most likely see a police report? Or a lawsuit. But there were none to be had during his Civilian life. Only after it became political did "Victims" show up. flanked by various political power-brokers and influencers.
What have we endured as a country and world?
3 year, 11 months of "Trump Collusion with Russians" stories by politicians and news media alike. 4 years of distraction. 4 years of corruption by people afraid they'd go to prison if they were caught from their part in the covert Obama/Biden/Clinton years. Countless hours lost productivity by workers, lost friendships, and families split apart by their political leanings because of "The great distraction" by the Democrats.
What the old saying "The best defense is a good offense".
IN fairness to the Trump Detractors, Maybe Trump isnt too far removed (in the business world) from this type of behavior. Maybe he made a career of deal-brokering various inspectors, building commissions, or whomever else he had to to build his sprawling acreage of resorts, office buildings and golf courses, but one thing for sure, he did it as a private citizen, not as a politician peddling influence.

Regardless of which side one is on, I'm tired of "swamp politics". Career politicians who take advantage of stock deals (congressmen can get IPO deals (Initial Public Offering) ownership of stock before a single share is allowed to be publicly traded. They peddle influence for Cash and sweetheart deals that the working public has ZERO access to. Have you ever wondered why a politician is ALWAYS infinitely more wealthy than the salary during their term would normally allow them to be when they finally leave Washington?
You don't have to look too far to know it's not because of book deals or speaking engagements. It's pay-to-play politics.

So, as we are facing another election, perhaps we need to look past the political garbage, and look at the real issues.
Maybe also we need to pick a leader who isn't in the back pocket of the Ukrainians and Chinese through their drug-addled son.

Comments welcome. But don't just say "You suck" Let's really talk about issues.


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