Monterey Diving. Wharf finds, Crabs, Kelp Forests, Shrimps, Worms, and maybe a fish.

Entered a photo contest a month back. Had 36 hours to shoot, edit, and submit videos and photos for specific categories. Mine didn't place as we had BBC earth level entries to compete against. Working a bit more with slo-mo and half speed shooting. So here my video montage as well as my favorite photo from the shootout weekend.

That being said there was a challenge set out for anyone to photograph a great white wold automatically win a best of show. Nobody saw one that weekend but just last week one was photographed in just 40' of water off a popular dive spot. Really want to encounter one in the wild outside a cage.

Hopefully some of enjoy this video. I always have fun making these and finding as many new species to identify as possible. Let me know what i need to work on. Keep commenting that same crazy shit and I'll see ya next tiiiiime.

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