Patient stays awake during brain surgery by reading passages from Quran

A patient receiving brain surgery to save his speech kept himself awake during the operation by reading from the Quran, at a hospital in northwestern India.

The patient, 40, had his operation last week (February 7) at a hospital in Ajmer, Rajasthan state, with neurosurgeon Dr Surya Prakash Chaudhary presiding over the surgery.

The patient had been reporting headaches for the last year, and when he consulted with Dr. Chaudhary, a tumour was discovered in his brain which was causing him immense pain.

The operation was to remove the tumour, during which the patient Abdul was asked to read the Quran aloud, until the procedure was concluded successfully.

Dr. Chaudhary commented: "The main reason behind reading the Qu'ran was that the patient had a tumor. It was in the center of the Broca's area [a language processing area of the brain],

"By reading the patient's book, they were mapping it and if any problem occurred we would have stopped it. By doing this the patient's voice also was saved and the tumour in his brain was successfully removed."

Dr. Chaudhary said that the patient's condition is improving and will be discharged from hospital.



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