A day after the opening, a pipe collapsed in the shopping center

In the shopping and entertainment center in Tambov, a day after the official opening, a pipe collapsed from the ceiling. Only by miracle, the incident that fell into the lens of the surveillance camera did without casualties.

The state of emergency occurred at about five o'clock in the evening of October 20 on the ground floor of the Studenets Lifestyle Center. He received the first visitors on September 18, but officially the opening ceremony took place a month later, on October 19.

The frames show how the ceiling collapses in the room where the cafe is located, and then a large section pipe falls on the floor, from which water flows. When falling, the visitor hooked the end of the pipe, she was diagnosed with a severe shoulder injury.

Users of urban publics noted that a girl in a shirt was born - several centimeters were separated from certain death.

The leadership of the mall acknowledged the collapse, but declined to comment further.


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