January 2019 - Day FIVE - Hakuho v Nishikigi (starts around the 5:55 mark)

With permission from Jason from Jason's All-Sumo channel I'm going to be posting one match a day of his coverage from the current January Basho, or Hatsu basho, takes place in Tokyo from Sunday, January 13th to Sunday, January 27th. Going to start from the most recently days action posted (Day 5). This particular match was the last of the day (happened to be the best), and will just post the most interesting/exciting match of the day.
From the description:
**Links Below** The final match on Day 5 is a first time meeting between two undefeated sekitori - yokozuna Hakuho and M2 Nishikigi, who both have a 4-0 record going into today's match.
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By: Greg Nester (1973.10)

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Location: Tokyo, Japan