HD version of Body cam footage from incident where officer shot by fellow cop

The Lafayette police chief disclosed at a press conference Friday that the shooting of an LPD officer was ultimately the result of a misfire.

Officer Aaron Wright accidentally shot officer Lane Butler in the back Tuesday as they fled from a dog during a search at a house in Lafayette. Police chief Patrick Flannelly said Wright will not face suspension or termination from the force.

Contrary to online speculation, it was determined that Wright discharged his firearm after turning to run out of the entrance to the building, accidentally firing it into Butler's back. Body cam footage from all three officers on scene, including 11-year LPD veteran Kurt Sinks, made clear a dog was the cause of the officers' reactions.

In the video the dog, which the officers knew about before entering, can be seen in a cage barking endlessly at them as they search the house. One officer was stationed next to the cage, making sure the dog could not break out. However, despite initial attention, the cage was left unattended for a brief period, which allowed the dog to make another attempt.

According to Flannelly, Wright never aimed at or intended to shoot the dog and it was merely the dog almost breaking out of its cage that startled the officer.

“In that moment, the officer had a choice,” Flannelly said. “His choice was not to shoot the dog. As that cage opened up, he instinctively reached to try to stop the cage from opening to keep the dog contained.”

“The only way that firearm can be discharged in that circumstance is that his hand has moved and his finger is on the trigger,” he said.

Flannelly said Wright’s actions were not an act of “negligence, carelessness or otherwise reckless behavior.”


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