Drug addict revenge against health clinic after they cut off his supply of pain medication

An alleged gunman's addiction to opioid medication was the 'driving force' behind last week's shooting at a Minnesota health clinic that left one person dead and four injured, a veteran investigator said in his application for a search warrant.
Wright County Deputy Patrick Bailey said authorities found a plastic bag containing six oxycodone pills when they searched Gregory Ulrich´s hotel room after the February 9 shooting at an Allina Health clinic in Buffalo, a small city about 40 miles northwest of Minneapolis.
Bailey also described a video where Ulrich mentioned taking more than 30 oxycontin pills at a time.
Ulrich, 67, is charged with murder, attempted murder and other counts in the shooting that left Overby, a 37-year-old medical assistant, dead.

According to the charges, Ulrich walked into the clinic and began shooting staff after they asked if they could help him. He shot two people in the reception area and three others in the clinic's interior. He is also accused of setting off three suspected pipe bombs.
According to a criminal complaint filed last Thursday, Ulrich entered the Allina Health Clinic in Wright County, Buffalo, just before 11am the previous Tuesday armed with a handgun, two magazines and four homemade bombs.
He allegedly shot five people including one victim six times and detonated three homemade bombs before he called police and said he would surrender.


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