Are some Oregon and Western US States Fires being set by Left Activists Spilling out of Portland?

Statues are being torn down, there are massive riots and civil unrest, chaos, mayhem, censoring anything on social media that is anti UN, globalism, Communist China, and Socialist Democrat agenda of an extended worldwide lockdown except for BLM and Antifa riots.

With the World Bank, Big Pharma, the UN UNESCO, Corporate Organized Crime, and Billionaire Super Friends posed to rake in billions with all these bussed in foreign funded riots in the US and all the PSY-OPS going on all over, how can the usual suspects, not be bent on world domination?

The Left tantrums and Chinese Communist pushback to Trump hasn’t stopped for 4 years, or so, not even one day. Should the Left be monitored to prevent riots, arson, and the destruction of civilized societies all over the world? Should the left face more arrests and actual punishment which seem to pander to the UN Communist Chinese coup of the world.

I blog on the Stark Raving Viking.

poll: Do you think the Fires, Riot, and “Pandemic” are all connected?

I profit from chaos, and mayhem, can’t vote.


By: SvenVonErick (1837.72)

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Location: Portland, Oregon