Judge orders body-cam footage released in incident involving Lieutenant’s child

A judge ordered the release of body camera video that shows the moments that led to a police lieutenant’s suspension.

We fought in court for the release of body camera video that shows what happened when Wilmington police Lieutenant Matthew Malone’s daughter, who was left naked under a blanket and alone in a car in a bar’s parking lot, cried out for help.

Someone heard the 8-year-old and called 911. It happened outside Ogden Tap Room during the establishment’s Oktoberfest celebration.

Early this month, we learned Wilmington police suspended Lt. Malone after an internal investigation. Today, he is back on the job, according to WPD.

We argued to a judge the release of the video was in the public’s interest because we heard from hundreds of community members after WECT first broke the story in October.

Many were concerned that the lieutenant received special treatment in this case as a member of the law enforcement community. Some also asked about the judgement of the lieutenant who is tasked with, at times, responding to calls involving children.

Because Judge Phyllis Gorham ruled in our favor, you can see what happened during the call and decide for yourself.

The judge made a few stipulations about the release of the video. Judge Gorham ordered the faces and voices of children in this video be redacted.

In the video, you see two sheriff’s deputies approach the car the child is inside in a friendly manner, saying, “You aren’t going to get in trouble, buddy. We’re the good guys.”

You can also hear live music from the Oktoberfest celebration in the background.

One minute into the video, as deputies and workers at the bar try to find her parents, she tells the deputies her father also works in law enforcement.


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