Part of a 9 story building collapses

Part of the nine-storey building collapsed in the north of Moldova, as a result of the emergency, no one was hurt, since all residents had been evacuated, said President Igor Dodon. Witnesses filmed the moment of the collapse on video.

The incident occurred around 21:20 June 19 in the city of Attack. The frames show the window frames falling out of the balcony on the ninth floor, and then a crack creeps across the building - after a few seconds the entire wall collapsed, the nearest houses covered with a cloud of dust.

“The emergency commission is urgently going. It’s very good that they responded in time and managed to evacuate the residents promptly,” the head of state wrote.

Rescuers managed to get 46 people out of the entrance, including 11 children. No information was available about the missing, however, they are conducting reconnaissance to see if there are people under the rubble.

On the causes of the collapse is not reported.


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Location: Otaci, Moldova