Trump sociopathy on display declares that the 60,000 new covid cases last night are down ten fold. Gaslighter.

Trump psychopathy decides he will make more shit up gaslight the fuckers. Fauci is whacked, my task force are frauds, I hate the WHO good for nothing health organization. Meanwhile arizona has 150 icu beds left, Texas is over run, but trump insists we are in a good place, we are doing great, deaths and cases down to nothing. Open all schools immediately?
Mary had trump right that crazed psycho is a mess of personality and social disorders, he can’t stop destroying America, provide no leadership, and create division hate and lies to appeal to who exactly? Are there enough dumb fuck Americans that believe this swamp of shit in office?

Donald J. Trump
Death Rate from Coronavirus is down tenfold!
10:32 PM · Jul 7, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
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Well if you are not privy to section 25 and removal of a president due to mental instability look into it fast, you will have hundreds of thousands dead if you let this go on. Canada had less than 250 cases last night and Canada has snubbed trumps gaslight mexico trade agreement in lieu of trump being a sociopath asshole, new tariffs, and rabid covid spread.


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