Public toilet in Chinese desert used trap tourists' vehicles in soft sand

A public toilet built in a desert scenic spot was used to blackmail tourists who got their vehicles trapped in the soft sand in northwestern China.

The video, shot by a tourist in the city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province on September 15, shows a man in a white shirt removing a rope attached to a vehicle trapped in the sand and refusing to allow a man in a black vest to help the vehicle owner take the vehicle out from the sand.

In another clip, the man in a white shirt said: "Not everyone can help pull vehicles out in my place. Do you have rescue certificate? Our company has our own rules."

Several tourists questioned him: "Why don't you allow us to help him? Just let us have a try."

According to reports, a public toilet was deliberately built on the soft sand to ensnare tourists to drive onto it and get trapped there. The nearby merchants then forced the tourists to pay an exorbitant price to them for pulling the vehicles out and did not allow any other tourists to help.

Five suspects have been arrested and the toilet has been torn down. The case is in further investigation.

The video was provided by local media with permission.


By: NewsFlare (97473.00)

Location: China