Butte County DA releases dash cam video, new information about officer-involved shooting

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The Butte County District Attorney's Office has released a portion of dash cam video and a preliminary report from the officer-involved shooting that took place on November 15 on Highway 70.

In the preliminary report, Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey said it appeared the double-homicide suspect, GD Hendrix, 48, of Berry Creek, may have committed what is commonly referred to as "suicide by cop" by imitating an armed attack on officers.

Hendrix was a prime suspect in December of 2014 after the double-homicide of a Plumas County couple who were visiting their son in the Berry Creek area.

A search warrant of Hendrix's home in Berry Creek revealed firearms and a pipe bomb. Hendrix was later found on January 6, 2015 standing outside a local store and was found to have several weapons concealed under his coat, including an AK-47 rifle, a .223 caliber pistol, and a .22 caliber pistol.

Hendrix was arrested and later convicted of weapon and drug charges while the investigation of the homicides continued. He was sent to state prison and was paroled in May of 2018. In June, officials said he cut his ankle monitor and law enforcement has been looking for him as well as U.S. Marshalls for being a parolee at large and a murder suspect.

On November 15 around 11:00 a.m., a Butte County Sheriff's deputy was contacted by a person as the deputy was patrolling the closed Pines Yankee Hill Hardware Store in the evacuated Concow area.

The person told the deputy they were concerned about a vehicle in the parking lot that had been occupied by a "suspicious character" for the past few days.

District Attorney Mike Ramsey said when the deputy approached the vehicle, he saw a man, later identified as Hendrix, sleeping in the driver's seat. When the deputy checked the license plate number, it came back to Hendrix's mother and the deputy knowing Hendrix was considered armed and dangerous, left the parking lot and gathered a group of other officers nearby.

When other officers arrived, they were informed of Hendrix's history and a plan was formulated.

As officers were executing their plan, Hendrix woke up and refused their commands. Instead of showing his hands, officers said he shoved his right hand out of sight to his lower right side as if he had a gun and several officers reported hearing a metallic click.

Officers said Hendrix then shouted, "You guys should have left me alone" and "I'm not going back". Hendrix then started his car and attempted to back out toward the officers at the back of his car. Officers blocked the path with a truck but Hendrix then pulled forward and rammed through two other parked cars to escape the parking lot onto Highway 70.

An 8-mile pursuit then ensued with speeds over 100 mph south and west down Highway 70. Other officers in the area were alerted and attempted to stop Hendrix with spike strips.

The pursuit eventually stopped and Hendrix was then again asked to show his hands out the window. Hendrix refused and a standoff followed.

Officers said Hendrix then stood up in his cars doorway shielding his right side away from officers. Hendrix could be seen rocking back and forth twice on his feet as if getting ready to spring into action or run.

Then, Hendrix suddenly sprung out from the door position with his right hand rapidly coming from his right hip area.

Multiple officers then shot multiple times believing Hendrix was about to shoot them.


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